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Posted Monday, January 9th, 2023 | 1,868 views

Couple reading builder optionsWe did it!

After what felt like months of driving through new developments, searching for homes on MLS, deciding between bungalows, two-storeys, and raised ranches, my husband and I finally decided to build the house that we just couldn’t find out there.

Meeting with Home Builders

We met builder after builder, and we were getting a lot of yeses and not one builder questioned what we wanted. Not one builder said anything about our budget, and every meeting was short and sweet. We thought, “Hey, this is way too easy.

The last builder we met came into the kitchen of our small starter home and as we laid out what we wanted for our new home, we waited for the quick yes we were used to and the price. All I could think of was what other tasks and errands I had to do after this quick meeting.

Home builder work table with drawingsWhat we thought would be a short meeting of “yes, yes and sure”, it turned into an actual conversation of “whys” and “maybe try this instead.” You may be reading this thinking, yeah, but that doesn’t sound quick and easy, but Ike of Keesmaat Homes was the first home builder to actually ask us what we wanted. He asked about our needs and wants and he took the time to see the end picture of what we were trying to create.

Everything Ike Suggested Made Sense

See, I was expecting twins at the time of building and we thought the design we had was perfect for us. With the experience Ike has in home building and with all the houses he’s built before ours, he was able to explain why the changes and advice he offered would be beneficial for us. This was a game changer.

He did this with such a friendly tone and we never once felt taken advantage of or made to feel like what we wanted was out of our league or silly. Everything he suggested made sense.

Deciding to build was a huge financial decision. Try doing it while on mat leave and with twins on the way—talk about stress. But Ike ended up becoming a friend and through the process he made himself and all his contractors available to us. No question was too silly or too small to answer.

We made all the decisions together as a builder and client and that has been perfect for our family. Ten years later and we have a home that we absolutely love and a great friend too!

That is why we chose Keesmaat Homes

So if you’re looking for custom home builder like we were, I suggest you register for an appointment to view their sales centre. Good luck in your search for a new home!

Brooke S, Haldimand County

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