Must-have Things to Buy for Your New Home to Make it More Convenient

Posted Friday, August 27th, 2021 | 1,460 views

Bathroom exampleMoving into a newly built home is exciting and full of possibilities but your brand-new home is a blank slate just waiting to be customized.

There are thousands of things that you can buy for your home to make your life more comfortable and convenient so we’ve listed some interesting items that can get you started.

Install Home Security System

Home security monitorsOne of the most important things people install in their new homes is a security system. Newly built homes are particularly attractive to burglars because they indicate that the owners have a decent amount of money and quality items they could steal.

Modern home security systems are incredibly intuitive, and effective at deterring intruders. You can read an article explaining why a home security system is worth investing in for more information. 

You can choose from a wide variety of security options such as cameras, motion detectors, window and door sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, high temperature sensors, smoke alarms, remote monitoring and much more.

Additionally, many home security systems are completely wireless which means you won’t have to worry about damaging your walls or ceilings of your new home by installing a hard-wired system.

Buy a Sturdy Safe

Home safeProtecting your home with a security system is a great idea, but it’s still important to ensure that your most valuable items stay as secure as possible by storing them in a safe.

You can either place the safe on the floor in your basement or bedroom, or you can install it in the wall of your home.

Use it to store any sensitive documents, emergency cash, jewelry, gold, and other valuable items. These can include items of personal value and family heirlooms.

Install Smart Home Automation

Turning your home into a smart home has never been easier and it’s one of the first things a new homeowner should consider purchasing too.

There is a wide variety of home automation devices that you can easily install in your house to make big and small tasks simpler.

For instance, smart door locks can be locked or unlocked from your smartphone and smart lights can be remotely operated from your smartphone too, and they can change colours, dim, and even be programmed with timers.

Virtually any part of your new home can be smart-automated to make almost every aspect of your life run much smoother and efficiently. This includes your fridge, door locks, lights, the A/C and even the thermostat.

Get Your Blinds Up

New kitchen blindsOne of the first things you’ll also want to purchase to make your life in your new house more comfortable are window blinds.

You can install blackout blinds in your bedroom to block out sunlight, moonlight, streetlights, and flood lights from neighbouring houses. These types of blinds are cheap and allow you to sleep more soundly and with less distraction.

You can install zebra blinds that revert from semi-shading to full blackout shading instantly.

Blinds made of wood or bamboo are great for adding a natural touch, and allusion blinds create the appearance of curtains while having the functionality of traditional blinds.

Remote controlled blinds make it much easier to control them and can be done so remotely.

Got Pets? Get a Pet Bathing Station

Dog washing stationPet bathing stations are an absolute must-have for new homeowners to purchase. They’re easy to install, and they make life much easier for any pet owner.

Cleaning your pets is an important part of maintaining their health but should be done in a way that doesn’t make a huge mess and washing them shouldn’t be a huge struggle or chore.

Bathing stations are great. Some have convenient steps or ramps that allow for easy access and provides you with the ability to wash your pet without the pain of constantly bending over.

If you are bringing along pets to your new home, purchasing a bathing station will substantially reduce the mess, and help keep your organized when it’s time for pet bathing.

Install a Multi-Functional Showerhead

New shower headBuy an amazing shower head with lots of features, especially if you can afford it. They’re not terribly expensive but they make life more enjoyable.

Installing a new showerhead is extremely easy and most of the features that come with modern showerheads are amazing.

Some have powerful massage features, waterfall flows, rain, mist, pulsating and spa modes. There are dual showerheads, detachable, low-flow options, high-pressure settings and so much more. If you just moved into a new house, get a new showerhead too!

Let Robot Vacuums do the Work

Robot vacuumA brand new home is generally much easier to clean but letting a robot vacuum do the work for you is a smart idea. Not to mention it would be so easy for them to efficiently clean because there’s literally no buildup of grime and dust.

We’re not quite at the point where all our house cleaning can be done by robots, but we do have robot vacuum cleaners available at very reasonable prices.

After you purchase one, you simply place the charging base on the floor, program a schedule, and let the vacuum run—and empty the canister when it’s full—to always keep your floors free of dirt and grime.

Get Some New Stylish Rugs

If you want an addition to your new home that adds style, functionality, comfort, and protection, look no further than a few new rug.

Rugs protect your flooring from scuffs, wear and tear and all sorts of other damage. Few rooms truly look complete without a rug, especially in homes with hardwood flooring.

Rugs come in a nearly endless array of colours, patterns, materials, and sizes. You’re certain to find at least a few rugs that are perfect matches for your home decor and make life in your new house more homely and comfortable.

Buy a Fully Stocked Toolbox

Tool boxA fully stocked toolbox with quality tools should be at the top of the list of things you purchase after you move into your new home.

Ensuring that your house functions properly and maintaining it is an important part of being a homeowner.

While some jobs require professional assistance, you should be able to fix basic problems around the house yourself and have the tools to do so. Having a good set of tools will save you a lot of money on labor costs too.

Make sure your toolbox is stocked with a hammer, some screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, wrenches, Allen-keys and even some power tools.

Store them in your garage or basement and use them when you want to give a few repairs a try yourself.

Want More Ideas For Things To Add To Your New Home?

Read our article 10 Things You Can Do to Make Your New House a Home for ways to spice it up and to make it more comfortable.

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