The 10 Benefits To Buying A Brand New House

Posted Monday, March 22nd, 2021 | 2,433 views

New home build exampleIn Ontario, the popularity of new home developments are on the rise and for good reason. Read on to discover the benefits of buying a new house instead of a previously lived-in one.

Moving to a new home is an exciting and joyful occasion whether you’re on your own or in a big family. You’ll have many options as you browse the housing market, but one of the most tempting possibilities is with buying a brand new house.

There are thousands of beautiful newly constructed houses for sale just waiting to be bought. You could be one lucky people who get to enjoy the vast benefits of a brand new home while getting yourself into the real estate market.

Key Benefits of Buying a New House

The following is the list of key benefits to purchasing a new home vs an already lived in home:

  • Modern and Spacious Designs
  • No Damage or Problems Left Behind by Previous Owners
  • Less Maintenance for Longer Periods of Time
  • Warranties
  • Amenities
  • Energy Efficient
  • Ready to Move In Immediately
  • Enjoy the Latest Technology
  • Better Overall Safety and Health
  • Better Financial Options

Modern and Spacious Designs

Older homes have outdated designs that generally feel cramped and closed off. On the contrary, almost every newly constructed home these days opts for modern designs that are much more spacious. They’re brighter and welcoming, with open concept floor plans and usually are built with very high ceilings.

In addition, the older designed home that were popular even as recently as a decade ago, feel outdated and not as stylish as the sleek modern home designs of today.

No Damage or Problems Left Behind by Previous Owners

When you buy a brand new house, you don’t have to worry about any damage done by previous owners. You also don’t have to concern yourself with whether they properly maintained the home.

You never know exactly what you’re getting into when you buy an older home that has had previous owners. There is an endless list of damages and problems that could have been left behind for you to deal with. With a brand new home, you don’t have to worry about any underlying problems that have been caused by previous owners or simply been neglected for years.

Less Maintenance for Longer Periods of Time

No one can avoid the ongoing maintenance that comes with home ownership. With an older home however, age and wear have already taken their toll. The maintenance you’ll have to do in the future will quickly start to pile up.

In a brand new home, you can go much longer without having to do any significant maintenance work. If you start your maintenance tasks early, you can keep your new house in tip-top condition for even longer.

Depending on the quality of supplies and the expertise of the builders, you could possibly go a decade or more without having to worry about any major work.


While everything in a newly built home will be brand new, nothing is without flaws. There is the possibility that something could go wrong with anything in a house at any time.

However, unlike existing homes, brand new houses come with warranties. Nearly everything from the major appliances to the windows—from the HVAC system to the roof—is covered under a home warranty for one to twenty years, depending on the specifications of the builder.

While the odds of anything going wrong in a brand new home are still very low, a good home warranty can protect you from thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements in a worst case scenario.


Many recently built houses are located in new and growing communities that offer many alluring amenities to their residents. You’ll find such amenities like pools, tennis courts, parks, fishing ponds, community centres, schools and more.

You can easily go out, relax, exercise, bond with family and friends and make new connections in the community. Regardless if you have small children looking for fun or if you’re an older individual maintaining an active lifestyle, there’s usually something for everyone in new build communities.

Energy Efficient

Brand new homes are up to date on current energy efficiency standards. They have better sealing around doors and windows to prevent external hot air from leaking into the home and to keep the cool air locked inside during summer.

The reverse applies during the chilly winter months. In addition, almost all new appliances are very energy efficient and usually meet Energy Star standards. You’ll be helping the environment and saving a lot of money at the same time.

Ready to Move In Immediately

New kitchen appliancesWhen most people move out of a house they leave appliances if they’re old or don’t work well, or to take them if they’re new and work properly.

As a result, buying an older house will typically leave you with few to no appliances, or a house filled with used appliances that aren’t very appealing.

Much of the time, the appliances left behind not only may not work efficiently, but are usually not as stylish as the new owners would like them to be.

Dealing with the hassle of moving is stressful enough without worrying about buying and installing all of the appliances you’ll need. On the contrary, with brand new homes, they’re virtually always fitted with brand new appliances.

You can instantly move in to the home and quickly go about your days normally, without having to deal with the absence of important appliances.

Enjoy the Latest Technology

Technology has advanced so much in just a couple of decades that it has shaped how new homes are built. Newly constructed homes now commonly include sophisticated alarm systems, home automation, integrated home entertainment centres and much more.

Modern homes are also built with more electrical outlets spaced at more reasonable intervals to safely plug in your various devices wherever you may conveniently need them.

Better Overall Safety and Health

You can rest assured that you and your family will be as safe as possible when living in a new home. Newly home builds are constructed to meet the most recently updated building codes. They have high-quality fire retardant materials in the insulation and carpeting. They are free of mold, lead and asbestos, and have built-in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Better Financial Options

Home builders often have strong relationships with mortgage brokers, and many construction companies even have their own loan departments to help their customers get the best interest rates, closing costs, and down payments.

You can get the best financial options for your situation quickly and easily by buying a brand new house. Working directly with the builders instead of hoping you can work out a good deal with the bank and mortgage companies on your own.

Once you’ve settled into your new house, read our article titled 10 Things You Can Do To Make Your New House A Home to discover some easy tips on how to spice it up and make it look like a great place to live in.

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